"Awesome teachers at Studio Red! You have done so much for her!! Thanks!"

“(My daughter) melted our hearts with that pas de deux. Thank you for that moment and for all you have done for her.”

Thank you for all of the time and effort you devote to recitals. I think you outdid yourself this year...the music and choreography was amazing, and the kids danced more in sync than ever before. It was a really impressive show!

“A big thank you to Miss Vanessa for giving my girls an amazing opportunity this weekend at the competition. They had so much fun and their hard work paid off with first place for each of them!”


Studio RED’s focus is to build well rounded dancers with a core technique in ballet while building character and integrity. Studio RED offers top notch instructors in their field of expertise, allowing dancers to cross train between disciplines to explore their strengths and areas needing support. Creating an interactive approach to learning, each child receives the hands on attention they deserve!