September 3rd & 5th   Team Rehearsals
September 9th    Regular Classes Resume

September 14th   Holiday Review Auditions ages 4-6 9:30-10, Level I-III 10:15-11, Jr/Sr 11:15-12:15.  Ragtime             Rehearsals begin

September 16th  Weekday team rehearsals begin

September 19th    CLI Class #1 5:30-6:30pm

September 21st    Holiday Review Rehearsals begin.  Team Rehearsals begin.

Oct 5th    Ragtime Review @7:30pm Camden Opera House

October 31    Halloween, No classes

November 1   Friday Team Rehearsal  Schedule TBA

November 5-8th    Mother Kofi classes and rehearsals

November 8th    Mother Kofi performance at Strand in Rockland

November 14th    CLI master class #2 5:30-6:30

November 27-Dec1    Closed Holiday Break

December 5th    Tech Rehearsal Holiday Showcase Strom Auditorium
December 6th    Dress Rehearsal Holiday Showcase Strom Auditorium
December 7th    Holiday Showcase show #1 6pm Strom
December 8th    Holiday Showcase show #2 2pm Strom

December 20th    Team Friday Rehearsal Schedule TBA

December 23-Jan 4th    Studio Closed Holiday Break

February 6th    CLI class #3 5:30-6:30

February 15-February 21    Studio Closed Winter Break

February 17 & 18 Walt Disney World workshop and performance

April 9th    CLI class #4 5:30-6:30

April 20-25    Studio Closed Spring Break Week

NO Regular classes May 18th-23rd

Tuesday May 19th: 5-6:30 Tiny Tots, Tots-n-Tutus and Hot Tots Studio Dress rehearsal
Wednesday May 20th:  4-6:30 Level I, II, and III, and Boys class Studio Dress rehearsal and some team
Thursday May 21st: 4-7 Level Jr & Sr and some team Studio Dress Rehearsal

Tuesday May 26th: Tech Rehearsal at Strom Level III,Jr, Sr, and team
Wednesday May 27th: Dress Rehearsal at Strom Act I
Friday May 29th: Dress Rehearsal at Strom Act II 

11th Annual Spring performance
Strom Auditorium
May 30th @ 2pm (Tots, Hot Tots and Team)
May 30th @ 6pm (Level II, III, Jr, Sr & Team)
May 31st @2pm (Level I, III, Jr, Sr & Team) 

Break June 1-7th
Regular 4 weeks summer session June 9th- July 2nd,  all levels
Technique Week Hot Tots- Senior Company July 7th-10th (Tuesday -Friday) evening hours
Broadway Dance Camp ages 9 and up July 13th-16th (Monday-Friday) evening hours
Adventure Dance Camp ages 5-9 July 13th-16th 1-3:30

Tots-n-Tutus Camp ages 3-4 July 13th-16th 10-12:30
Performing Arts Dance Camp Hot Tots-Senior Company July 20-24th
Team Auditions July 24th

Break July 27th-August 21

Team Rehearsals Aug 25-Sept 9th in the evening (most likely Tues, Wed, and Thurs)

Fall Classes Resume Thursday September 10th

Calendar 2019-2020