Dance Education

Rehearsal Schedule Summer 2017

Monday June 5, 12, 19
L’Elements 3:45-5pm
Dirty Side of the Street, Stuck Like Glue, Credit, Jailhouse Rock, and I Do What I Love 5-6pm
My Imaginary Friends, Searching, Steam Punk Telegram, Give Me Strength, Society, Beautiful Things, Fame Game  6-7:30

Hershey Park Performances

Thursday June 29th L’Elements 12:15-12:45pm  Act II 1:30-2pm

Convention information

Groove Convention  Randolph MA $115—dancers may choose this as at least one of   the 2  mandatory events. 

November 6, 2016
The Lantana
43 Scanlon Drive
Randolph, MA 02368
Master classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary.  One day event.

Take Center Stage Dance Challenge Convention—Waterville ME    This is a mandatory event for dancers age 7 and up and can count as one of the two mandatory conventions for ages 10 and up.  
March  4, 2017 
Master classes in jazz, tap, leaps & turns, and contemporary.  One day event.

Dancer’s Inc Convention -  Noble High School North Berwick Maine
April 23, 2017 dancers may choose this as at least one of the 2  mandatory events.

Hershey Pa Master Classes- tbd mandatory all ages. 

Hershey Park Performance—mandatory for traveling team members

June (most likely June 29th or 30th) 

Local Performances:  We will perform locally at Summer Solstice, nursing home, and our Spring Performance.

Other great opportunities:  Ambition Workshop Sturbridge, Ma Nov 13th $110.00,  NYCDA Convention Boston, MA Dec 16-18th , Radix Convention Boston, MA Jan 6-8 .   Also, join Maine Dance Network on facebook for info on Master Classes that come to Portland area.


Gaia-Aidan Giasson (Mother Earth)

Earth-Madeline Knause (Contemporary Hip Hop)

Wind- Emma Wilton (Lyrical)

Fire- Mara (Acro)

Water-Gianna (Tap)

Cont/Hip Hop

Earth group #1- Aidan Giasson, Emily Judkins, Wesley Henderson, Paige Kelly, Kate Knauer, Ella Knause, Gianna Smith, Olivia Van Buskirk, Emma Wilton, Nigel Wilton

Earth Group #2- Ava Brooks, Lyla Brooks, Nate Carlson, Mary Christie, Ella Cloutier, Preston Henderson, August Knause, Rioux Meinersman, Lorelei Rademacher, Emma Tolley.

Earth Group #3- Bella Anderson, Madison Boynton, Caroline Dishop, Fiona Kelly, Trinity Westfall, Ella Willis.

Earth Group #4- Molly Emerson, Evelynne Galkowski, Madeline Harrington, Desmond Henderson, Basil Knause, Grace Mackie, Hailey Marquis, Phoenix Radley, Olivia Scholz, Abby Stackpole, Emma Stackpole, Loralei Westfall.


Wind Group #1- Bella Christie, Ella Cloutier, Lydia Gamage, Aidan Giasson, Emily Judkins, Madeline Knause

Wind Group #2- Phoebe Ackor, Maisie Berard, Marlie Berard, Ava Brooks, Paige Kelly, Rachael Rademacher, Mariah Watkinson, Mareh Willis

Wind Group #3- Kayla Baines, Anabel Butcher, Mary Christie, Ashleigh Cronin, Caroline Dishop, Helen Harrington, Olivia Hillgrove, Madelyn MacCaffray, Lily Stackpole, Payton Warrington, Trinity Westfall

Wind Group #4- Leads—Evelynne Galkowski, Abby Stackpole, Noelle Watkinson 

Corps—Baiya Bowen, Madeline Harrington, Lydia Jones, Aisley King, Mallory Watkinson


Fire Group #1- Lyla Brooks, Marlie Berard, Lydia Gamage, Wesley Henderson, Paige Kelly, Ella Knause, Madeline Knause, Rachael Rademacher, Emma Tolley, Leah Waterman,  Emma Wilton, Nigel Wilton

Fire Group #2- Anabel Butcher, Maisie Berard, Brian Bland, Nataleigh Corbett, Ashleigh Cronin, Ainsley Frothingham, Olivia Hillgrove, Fiona Kelly, Hallye King, Laney King, Nadia Kirkham, Ashlyn Mckee, Rioux Meinersmann, Emily Reed, Saphire Radley, Kamryn Snell, Payton Warrington, Taylor Warrington, Noelle Watkinson, Mara Wellman, Ella Willis, Mareh Willis.


Water Group #1- Mara Carpenter, Bella Christie, Emily Judkins, Ella Knause, Olivia VanBuskirk, Leah Waterman

Water Group #2- Phoebe Ackor, Bella Anderson, Madison Boynton, Lyla Brooks, Kate Knauer, Mariah Watkinson

Water Group #3- Nataleigh Corbett, Melissa Lavi, Madelyn MacCaffray, Ashlyn Mckee, Hallye King, Kamryn Snell, Trinity Westfall

Water/Musical Theatre- Kayla Baines, Brian Bland, Nate Carlson, Molly Emerson, Helen Harrington, Preston Henderson, Laney King, August Knause, Melissa Lavi, Lorelei Rademacher, Rachael Rademacher, Lily Stackpole, Emma Tolley, Taylor Warrington, Mara Wellman, Loralei Westfall

Act II

Silhouettes (contemporary Ms V)-  Emily Judkins, Bella Christie, Ella Cloutier, Ella Knause

Searching for a Feeling (cont HH Ms L)-  Aidan Giasson, Emily Judkins, Paige Kelly, Madeline Knause, Rioux Meinersmann, Emma Tolley, Emma Wilton

HH Group-  Wesley Henderson, Paige Kelly, Kate Knauer, Ella Knause, Gianna Smith, Olivia VanBuskirk, Nigel Wilton.

Give Me Strength-  Wesley Henderson, Ella Knause

Jailhouse Rock-  Phoenix Radley & Lydia Jones, Desmond Henderson & Mallory Watkinson, Basil Knause & Emma Stackpole

Tap- Bella Anderson, Madison Boynton, Melissa Lavi, Madelyn MacCaffray, Ashlyn Mckee, Kamryn Snell, Trinity Westfall

My Favorite Things (lyrical Ms V)-  Marlie Berard, Mariah Watkinson, Mareh Willis

Dirty Side of the Street (Musical Theatre)-  Nate Carlson

Lyla Brooks, Preston Henderson, Fiona Kelly, August Knause, Lorelei Rademacher, Lily Stackpole

Duo Ms L-  Preston Henderson, Melissa Lavi

Tap- Olivia VanBuskirk, Leah Waterman

I Do What I Love (Opening)- Phoebe Ackor, Bella Anderson, Maisie Berard, Marlie Berard, Madison Boynton, Ava Brooks, Lyla Brooks, Nate Carlson, Mara Carpenter, Bella Christie, Ella Cloutier, Nataleigh Corbett, Evelynne Galkowski, Olivia Hillgrove, Hallye King, Laney King, Kate Knauer, August Knause, Ella Knause, Preston Henderson, Wesley Henderson, Fiona Kelly, Paige Kelly, Melissa Lavi, Madelyn MacCaffray, Ashlyn Mckee, Rioux Meinersmann, Lorelei Rademacher, Rachael Rademacher, Kamryn Snell, Lily Stackpole, Emma Tolley, Olivia VanBuskirk, Payton Warrington, Leah Waterman, Mariah Watkinson, Noelle Watkinson, Loralei Westfall, Trinity Westfall, Mareh Willis, Nigel Wilton

Society (contemp Ms v)-Phoebe Ackor, Ava Brooks, Bella Christie, Ella Cloutier, Caroline Dishop, Aidan Giasson, Lydia Gamage, Emily Judkins, Paige Kelly, Ella Knause, Madeline Knause, Gianna Smith, Rachael Rademacher, Mariah Watkinson, Trinity Westfall, Mareh Willis,  Emma Wilton

Studio RED Travel Team 2016

CAST LIST 2016-2017